Interior Design for Your Home

Interior design is the process of shaping the experience of interior space, through the manipulation of spatial volume as well as surface treatment. Not to be confused with interior decoration, interior design draws on aspects of environmental psychology, architecture, and product design in addition to traditional decoration (Wikipedia).

Interior Design - Home

Decorating a home is about finding a comfortable balance between the different furnishings in the space such as living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. By reading my interior design articles, hope you will be able to put together an entire room or an entire home and have the design flow well throughout the home.

The common step for you to start interior design for your home are :

  • Choose either a theme or a color scheme

  • If you have been choosed some furniture or other decorations item to fill your house, then these items may have to set the color scheme for the room by selecting the paint color or wallpaper for the walls, After that time for you to focus on the floor. To get an idea about your floor, you can go to flooring stores. Otherwise, you can put carpet to make your design more beautiful and the room will look more put together also you will be able to see exactly where the decorations need to come into play within your interior design.

  • Decorate the walls of your space room

  • This will include such items as photographs, art, and also the window coverings. The window coverings become a major aspect of the interior design, choose your style and model according to your demand. The entire interior design of your room reflects your personal style and who you are as a person.

    Interior Design for Dining Room

    Dining room is a formal room dedicated to the serving of meals or eating. Now, We'll talk about how to get and create beautiful and nice Interior design for dining room.

    A dining room can be such a fantastic place to entertain, but it can easily be underused if you often eat in the kitchen or in front of the telly instead. Ever wondered why the red color is a popular color for design of restaurants and dining rooms? It's easy to be answer, because it stimulates the appetite. Other colors to get your mouth watering are orange and yellow.

    When you make design for your dining room, the dining table and chairs are also very important as a central feature. Antique tablecloths and dresses can be cut up to make colorful napkins, and the napkins should be folded neatly and placed in the center of each setting. You can choose from many selection or style of dining room furniture sets.


    A dining rooms should be light and airy, try to make the most of natural light. If the room is naturally dark, have pale or neutral blinds rather than curtains on the windows, which will only block the light even more.

    Other important thing to create your design look great is if you can put some accessories, because it will add your dining room overall beauty and utility.

    Interior Design for Living Room

    Living rooms are mostly used with a family to sit together in which the family lived - multi-functional space for relaxing, watching television, reading, listening to music and entertaining guests. Interior Design or Interior Decorating idea for living room are base on the room size, kind of use, and also how much the budget was plan.

    There are some of design model for living room such as formal living room, modern living room and standard living room. Interior design for formal living rooms and modern living room usually use rich and more expensive material and a strict symmetry, and also may use bright spicy colors and variety of textures to create unusual look.

    Bellow are some tips to help you how to start design or decorate your living room ;
    1. Determine design style or layout your living room.
    See as much as possible home decorating magazines such as Asian design style, Europe design style, Franch design style, then decide which one you like. You can mix them to create a style that is your own.

    2. Choose a beautiful or nice color for the wall.
    Many people shy away from saturated colors, but these are the very hues that can make a dramatic statement about your personality. A bold wall color for your living room it will make spice up your space then the other rooms, You can use accessories to tie the color into the rest of the room.

    3. Antique or unique furniture for living room
    Try to choose matching color between the wall and your furniture items, so the room will look like beautiful and nice.

    4. light for your living room
    Make sure your lighting is adequate, but not overpowering. Don’t use florescent lights as they are very harsh, and a living room is all about mood. Another lighting aspect that is often overlooked is the use of candles, there are many of candles and holders in different colors and sizes to help achieve your living room decorating ideas.

    5. Art & Accessories for your living room
    By putting art on your walls to bring the room together and adds a personal touch, choose painted canvases which can make them look great all on their own, or a framed print in shades that compliment your color scheme. Other thing you can put your family pictures, some accessories you can add them around the corner of living room.

    Start to re-design your living room now, make your self and your family members enjoy to stay on your own home.

    Interior Design for Bedroom

    The bedroom is a space that inside the house which We spend the most time in. Weather its good or not, like it or not, but We need to sleep to be able to function. So, why We don't make it our personal haven with the use of interior design or interior decorating.

    Interior design for bedroom are depend on individual style, who will use for such as the children, adult, new married, or may its preparing for your guest or family when they wan to stay on your house for few days.

    To make nice bedroom's design for the children you need to remember that the rooms for children should reflect their interests, such as color of wall, toys, furniture elements and also the picture. Creative flooring patterns can also be a good starting point. Try to make an easy or simple design layout, give them space for play on their room. Choose the right light for children, Kids have slightly different lighting needs from adults.

    Bedroom design for an adult we can create a modern or trendy color for the wall, with nice room's decorating will help them feeling confident to stay on their room. The idea of having a themed bedroom which includes matching furniture, walls, linen, etc should not just be limited to a child's bedroom but it can also be done to an adult room as well. Important thing about decorating and interior design for adult's bedroom is express their personality, Generally adult bedroom themes to be more general or abstract rather than specifically based around a certain theme.

    Romantic bedroom is the most common use for new married, Pink color more favorite in this situation. Beautiful room's furniture with modern style will make them enjoy the bedroom design.

    Interior Design for Bathroom

    Bathroom Interior Design are base on individual needs, everyone uses bathrooms every day. So, it's good reason to have a well designed and decorated bathroom space because not only for aesthetic reasons but for ergonomics and functionality.

    Interior Design Bathroom

    Now days, bathrooms are very dependent on electricity as well as water and of course it will take much budget for you to make a project luxury bathroom's design. If you want to build a new house, try to create some ideas for your bathroom such as how the bathroom's look and style. May be you want to make it romantic bathroom's style, so it's need special color such as the wall, lights, nice cabinet's design and better if you can put a jacuzzi to take bath ;-)

    Luxury Bathroom

    Many of furniture are design for bathroom use, and you can choose them to make your bathroom look nice and put all item that may you use in the bathroom. Interior Design for Bathroom also according to what size the bathroom do you have, then you can decide what kind of you want needs, design layout.

    Interior Design Bathroom's Layout

    Interior Design for Kitchen Room

    People are sometimes they don't know how to make their kitchen room look nice, safety and ideal design for home. Ok, this is just simple post about Interior Design for Kitchen Room.

    Before making any remodeling decisions, research all your options. There are some Tips how to renovate your kitchen, what you'll need to do at every stage of the remodeling process:

  • Find Inspiration for Your New Kitchen

  • Make notes about how you plan to use the remodeled space, then try to distill all that information into a one or two sentence goal such as, "Open kitchen's design (You can use this design if you want your family and friends enjoy and relax their healthy meals in your home), Closed kitchen's design (Mostly kitchen used only for cooking and put the items).

  • Plan Your Total Remodel Budget

  • You need to calculate and make total how much you need to spend your budget to design your kitchen and don't forget, Be sure to budget for the unexpected when creating your spending plan.

  • Determine Your Kitchen Layout

  • See on your plan's location, this is about the place. How is the room size for your kitchen, A kitchen might have the most beautiful cabinets, technologically advanced appliances and high-end finishes. So, try to make an effective layout when design your kitchen to meet your needs and fit your space.

  • Choose the Right Flooring Material

  • kitchen is typically the busiest spot in the house, so when weighing flooring options, think about a floor's durability and ease of maintenance on you design's plan.

  • Decide Whether to Replace or Reface Your Cabinets

  • Cabinets are a major investment when you plan your budget to design your kitchen, you'll need to sort through the available options and make choices with confidence. If you have already some cabinets, you just need to freshen them up by restaining or painting. There are many specifications options about materials, designs, finishes and accessories. Choosing custom cabinets requires the longest lead time, room's size requirements and also you need to consider the cabinets construction type and door style.

  • Complete Your New Kitchen With Proper Lighting

  • Designing a lighting plan is an integral part of any kitchen remodel. Like others room in the house, the ability to adjust light levels in the kitchen is ideal, because when cooking or cleaning up, a bright punch of illumination makes the job easier.

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